Hi there!

I would love to come on board as a UI artist and help players dive even further into your games, stories and worlds.

I’m an experienced animator, art director, illustrator and graphic designer. I’ve primarily worked in motion graphics for television, which I’ve loved but I’m very excited about moving into games - specifically into UI design & animation.

UI design is exciting because it’s on the front lines of how players understand the game they’re playing. Good UI is rarely the flashiest part of a game, but it’s crucial in helping players know where they are in a story, how they’re doing in a boss fight or how close they are to solving a puzzle. The challenge of imparting sometimes complex information while staying “in character” of the game world is incredibly interesting.

My experience working on television branding packages, channel rebrands and main title sequences has taught me a lot about delivering information to viewers on-brand and in a compelling way. I’d love the opportunity to bring that experience to your games.

I write this from Los Angeles, California but I am relocating to Berlin on 6th September and am available immediately thereafter.

You can see some of my work at


Thanks very much and I hope to talk soon,



Here's some of my work:

All of this is elsewhere on the site & there's a lot more to see. Please feel free to look around. 



A small video I made for Instagram in response to some of what's been happening in US politics.


Animation & UI Design

I was fortunate to work on the last fully CG Batman show. I designed and animated all the UI and screen graphics. 


GSN Network Rebrand

A rebranding campaign I worked on for the Game Show Network. Lots of fun vector-based art. A great color palette. Good attitude. They didn't end up picking this direction but it was a blast.


3d Prop Design

I can concept & design in 3d just as easily as in 2d, though I'm more of a hard surface & prop guy than a ZBrush sculpting character artist. I'm also a big proponent of using 3d roughs for 2d paint-overs. 


American Album Show Open

Click-through for two versions of the open I designed. The show never made it past the pilot, but it was fun to work on. 

iOS Stickers

I made these back when I thought stickers were going to be the next 'big thing.' They weren't. But it was fun working within the constraints of 6-9 frame loops and very small file sizes. I wouldn't have minded a few extra frames here & there. 


American Album

This is the version they picked. I still wonder what the other would have looked like. 


Wrylon Robotical

Flower-delivering robots. Because not all robots want to destroy the world. I created a bunch of in-world art for this project - posters, adverts, newspaper clippings. It was a blast seeing how the aesthetic worked across a range of media.


The Young Adventurers' ABCs. 

Even barbarian children need to learn how to read, right?


2d & 3d Layout

World-building, stage setting, camera framing - Sometimes there's a lot you need to get into one picture. I'm comfortable moving quickly between sketches and block-outs to land on the right frame - and then taking it into production.