Guten Tag!

I would be thrilled to join you as an Environment Concept Artist.

I’m an experienced illustrator, art director & animator. I’ve primarily worked in motion graphics for television, which has been great but I'm very excited to move into gaming.

In all of the work that I do and in all thegames, novels & stories that I consume, what I'm drawn to the most is the worldbuilding. I lose myself in the landscapes and cityscapes. I peer into the rooms. I want to be a part of these worlds and I pay close attention to how they're built. I want to be a part of building those worlds. And not just build them, but maintain them, craft them for players and make them as engaging and responsive as they can be.

I have extensive experience working in production pipelines. I know how to deliver work for a variety of internal stakeholders and how to deliver work on-time and on-brief. I can work in a variety of styles and I'm extremely comfortable receiving feedback and iterating on designs to find the right solutions.

I will be in Berlin starting 6th September and am available immediately thereafter.

Thanks very much and I hope to talk soon,


Here's some of my work:

I'm comfortable worldbuilding and illustrating in both 2d & 3d. I often find that building rough 3d models allows me to play with camera angles & find compositions that are surprising & compelling.

I've included work finished in a variety of styles as well as rough sketches and some props.

There's a lot more work on my site, please feel free to look around.