Concept is king.

Storytelling is the point.


All the execution in the world

can't save a crappy idea. 



I’m an illustrator, motion graphics artist & animator, and graphic designer living in Berlin, Germany.

I learned my trade in Los Angeles, working on broadcast television show packages, network IDs and film trailers. My client list includes: Dreamworks Animation, the Oprah Winfrey Network, Warner Brothers Animation, Discovery Networks, Disney Television, MTV and more.

I love graphically strong, concept-driven work that tells a story.

You can find my resume here.


Concept development for a videogame

Illustrate a comic book

Feature film main titles

Children’s book series

Work on Batman (comic, tv show or film)

Paint a custom bicycle


Solo show of my personal work

Group show with my personal work

Illustrate an edition of Moby Dick

Illustrate a board game



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